Bobby Nash SNOW

Book Cover Illustrations



As a freelance artist, I have had the opportunity to create covers for independent authors and in partnership with a publisher. The “book cover” pages show a selection of over 200 covers I have completed. I understand the limited budget of an independent author, as it is likely similar to that of a freelance artist. I can provide a basic cost sheet to interested clients, but will work with you to quote a reasonable and fair price that will hopefully meet your illustration needs and your budget.

“Jeffrey Hayes is my go-to artist. He never fails to give me richly textured and gloriously colored book covers. Out of all my books, his covers get the most compliments. His cover art pulls people to my table."

- Nikki Nelson-Hicks, author

“Jeffrey Hayes's cover/poster art for my book series, SNOW is absolutely breathtaking. It has already garnered a great deal of interest from fans of the series as well as those who are learning about the book series now after seeing Jeffrey Hayes' art plastered all over social media and conventions around the country. Jeffrey Hayes gave me everything I wanted in this image and even a few extras that made it explode to a higher level and improved the story as I worked to fit the action of these new images into the story. He is a true collaborator in this project and I can't wait to see this cover sitting on bookstore shelves. If you're looking for cover, poster, or box art, Jeffrey Hayes gets the highest of recommendations.”

-Bobby Nash, author

“The covers adorning two fisted, double barreled action and adventure also have to tell a story all by themselves. It reaches out and takes hold of a reader by the imagination and doesn’t let go.  And Jeff Hayes understands that better than nearly any other cover artist I’ve ever known.”

- Tommy Hancock, author / publisher